YAMPA. A place shown on maps of 1900 in the southern part of Pleasant Township. Post office, 1899-1900. Wapello

YANKEE GROVE. In section 29, Pioneeer Township. Post office, 1853. Cedar

YANKEE SETTLEMENT. The orgianl name of the present town of Edgewood. Clayton

YANKEE TOWN. A place in the western part of Columbus City Township, about five miles west and one north of Columbus City, as shown on

maps 1808 and 1809. Louisa

YANKEE. In the north central part of Peterson Township. Post office, 1881-1900. Clay

YATESVILLE. In section 22, Lincoln Township. Post office, 1867-69. Calhoun

YATTON. A town laid out in 1856 in the northeast corner of section 19, Iowa Township, about one mile south of the present town of Riverside. At one time it had

a population of about 300. Post office, 1843-75. Washington

YAZOO. The name of the post office (1859-75) at the town of Cincinnati, which see above. Harrison

YEARGERVILLE. A former station on the old Keokuk & Northwestern Railroad in Charleston Township. Lee

YELLOW BANKS. A prospective town on the Iowa River in early territorial times, thought to have been near where Oakville now stands. Louisa

YELLOW SPRINGS. The early name given the town of Kossuth. Des Moines

YEOMANS. A post office (1898-1906) in the southwestern part of Perry Township. Plymouth

YORK. In section 9, Honey Creek Township. Village laid out in 1855. Post office, 1855-75. Deleware

YORK CENTER. In the western part of section 9, York Township. Post office, 1869-1900. Iowa

YOUGH. In section 21, Yell Township. Post office, 1861-69. Boone

YOUNGSTOWN. A coal mining village in the east part of Lee Township near Four Mile Creek. It still has a store.  Post office, 1891-99.   Polk

YOURK PRAIRIE. In section 6. Inland Township. Post office, 1863-71. Cedar


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XENIA. A platted village on the west line of section 4, Des Moines Township, about one and one half miles east of the present town of Woodward

Post office, 1861-81.   Dallas

 XENIA. A town in the southwestern part of section 28, Eldora Township, three miles south of the present city of Eldora. It was platted in 1857 and flourished for a few years. Its post office was named Delanta. (see Delanta)  Hardin


ZALIA. A post office (1879-88) in the northern part of section 12, New Hope Township, about one and one-half miles northeast of the present town of Lorimor. Union

ZANESVILLE. [Note: Lanesville as listed earlier in this article by Dr. Fitzpatrick, and by any whom he may have followed, should have been Zanesville. The name came from Zanesville, Ohio, at which place was born and brought up J. H. McVeigh, on whose land the post office was kept, and who was the second postmaster

of Zanesville post office. This was for some time after its establishment the post office of the subscriber.-E.R.H·] Van Buren

ZARAHEMLA. The name of the plat of a projected pioneer town somewhere in Lee County. (See Acts of the Fourth Legislative Assembly, page 90. Note! As webmaster, I have searched for this document and could only find portions not mentioning the name Zarahemla. If you find it, please share it with us.) Lee

ZELLO. In the central part of Utica Township. Post office, 1863. Chickasaw

ZENORSVILLE. In eastern part of section 12, Jackson Township. A coal mining town of 400 people at one time. Post office, 1881-1900  Boone

ZERO. A post office from 1874 to 1901 in the northeastern part of Washington Township. Lucas

ZOAR. In section 19, Gower Township. Post office, 1865-17. Cedar

ZURICH. A post office from 1860 to 1866 in section 4, Richland Township. Jones



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